Ford 2018 Expedition News

Just wanted to share with car haulers that CarShipIO team is passionate about the auto transport community as much as new beautiful cars releases.

So just a quick overview we have some news for car haulers and vehicle enthusiasts about the Ford Expedition 2018.

If you’re a car hauler this is going to be a very fun ride to transport.

Driving a Ford Expedition is a like pick-truck experience in itself.

See the MAX edition on Ford, that’s clearly like a luxury pickup truck.

“he new 2018 Expedition MAX is for people who want to go bigger and have more to carry on their way. That’s why we’ve added extra room in all the right places. At nearly a foot longer than the Expedition, the Expedition MAX can accommodate an additional 16.9 cubic. ft. of cargo for your next adventure. There’s, even more, head room in the last row. So everyone can feel like they’re living large.”

Let’s give Ford great credit for specifically building  an extremely refined car with:

  • Ton of towing capacity
  • Ton of space
  • Ton of fancy technology and smart innovation
  • More power
  • More fuel efficiency

Here’s how this is going to look at the auction/dealership/ or your next pick-up location:


The pricing on starts with a market average of $ 57k which is nice for 2017 one.

The 2018 Ford Expedition will house a 3.5-liter V6 engine, a 10-speed transmission, 300 pounds lighter and it will in the $ 60k from other auto transport news sources we researched.

The Expedition’s Limited, XL, and XLT variants will have 375 horsepower at 5,000 rpm, whereas the 2017 models got 365 horsepower.

Ford also revealed that it would offer an off-road package for the XLT trim of the 2018 Expedition after customers consistently demanded the same.

The off-road variant will get the same 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque as the standard XLT trim of the 2018 Ford Expedition.

Obviously part of the big story is the interior as well, it’s all brand new luxurious with a unique set of beautiful knobs, medium sized screen and actually, a tech look interior with a ton of buttons to play around.

If you have the chance to car haul this 2018 Expedition check it out.

Make sure to enjoy before loading the car to enjoy this beautiful Ford interior.

That’s it with some quick news on this new monster!

Let us know when you’ll haul this new vehicle after the fall when they actually start selling and getting shipped 🙂

CarShipIO team

Happy car hauling


Technology for car hauling? It’s just happening

From the White House published the report -between 2.2 and 3.1 million car, bus, and truck driving jobs in the US will be eliminated by the advent of self-driving vehicles.

Stephen Hawking says that that rise of artificial intelligence is likely to extend job destruction deep into the middle classes, with only the most caring, creative, or supervisory roles remaining.

At the same time, Guruduth Banavar VP and Chief Science Office at IBM mentioned:

“If you were in the same room with me and I had a whiteboard, I’d draw a graph,” he explains. “If you think of the distribution of expertise as a bell curve. If the high-end of expertise is on the right side and the low-end is on the left, there’s a whole lot of medium-level expertise in the middle. That’s going to shift to the right. What we consider today to be high-level expertise jobs will be taken by people who use machines in the future to fulfill some of the expertise needed.”

Actually, technological advances over the next two to three decades and will ease up the life of owner-operators.

As technology increasingly automates basic driver duties, the transportation industry will see:

  • Increase the efficiency of  car hauling operations
  • Reduce the accident rate of car hauling and transportation in general
  • Less stressful and tiring for drivers, dispatchers and transport managers

David Heller, head of regulatory affairs for the TruckLoad Carriers Association accentuates the fact that with automation he still doesn’t see the replacement of the person behind the steering wheel, and truckers will become a lot more efficient.

We already the efficiency in driving a regular vehicle with

  • Basic Assistance Technology
  • Automated Transmissions
  • Cruise Control with predictability
  • Sensors & Cameras to integrate automated braking

Automation increases and the transition to self-driving trucks will happen, but owner-operators will stay remain a businessman, a technician, a skilled driver, a salesperson that will manage the operational stuff.

The real truth is innovation is here, it’s just happening without asking your permission.

That’s why we do actually do technology as this is how everything is going to work in future.

Car hauling is not going to disappear, it’s only to get more automated and efficient with top notch technologies.

So get on onboard, adapt to it and start opening yourself to learning all the stuff you need to not be one of those 2,2  – 3,1 million.

As always, be great!

CarShipIO Team.