How to Grow your Auto Transport business – ERP for Car Haulers

 In our time technology is everywhere. Technology is a game changer and time and money saver, and we are talking about car hauling technology here. Yes, big words from the beginning, but it will make sense later, so let’s review it step by step.

For an Auto Transport Carrier, technology means an opportunity. Why? Being Carrier you got to have a total control of your business. Sure, you need to have a good experienced driver(s), who are good loading and taking care of cars. If you are growing company you will most likely have to hire few dispatchers, and there will be a ton of paperwork. That’s why an ERP is got to be your long-term “friend”.

Let us introduce you,  an ERP – enterprise resource planning. Planning sounds already good, isn’t it? Planning is your first tool to make time work for you. ERP is a complete enterprise resource solution, one place where you can manage everything you need and do it fast. It is a software as a service (SAAS) platform for your business. Saas ERP system – is a sort of enterprise resource solution that can take care of everything for you across the board on a subscription basis. Whether you are a small company or a veteran in this game or you’re just starting out, believe us, ERP type system can increase your results and make your life a lot easier. It is a true beauty for the carrier to be on a side of automation and technology that helps the business scale, saving time and making money. Finding powerful yet easy to use, and most importantly an affordable ERP solution is a key.

   Would you, as an auto transport industry professional, be interested if someone were to approach you to say “for a small monthly fee, we can have all of your stuff taking care of for you”?  We would offer you a tool that will help you manage your dispatches, find your cars. You can dispatch loads electronically to your drivers, you can send BOL and Invoice through it, you can keep track of your accounting,  payroll you owe drivers.
You can keep track of your maintenance records, you can see how much each truck is costing you, who owes you money and how much, you can do invoicing and keep track of payments, you can keep track of all of your expenses,  etc. “You can” is keywords here because you truly can do everything to make your business productive and invest time profitably.  Sounds Powerful right?

On a dispatch side, it’s possible to do a lot to increase productivity. You can have only one dispatcher with the advent of new technology and she will be able to make everything by herself without you needing to hire one more person because the amount of work has increased. Hmmm, sounds like a money saving, right? Money Savings that can help your business scale faster.

One dispatcher will make everything using a computer only: create loads, arrange trips, send needed documents. In 80-90% of cases even without calling somebody. You know why? Because everything is electronic and everything is right now! Your customer will receive a notification every time status of the load changes, a car is delivered or picked up or an ETA is updated. This will improve your trust and relationships with customers.  Need to find a load that was done a year ago? You think it’s hard? Not at all!   Using right filters you can find a load by entering just a few characters.

Say goodbye to a ton of paperwork, say hello to being better organized and total control.

In the end, you can just check all the reports and statistics that we prepared for you. Manage finances, find a way to make it better, analyze your business metrics and plan ahead, generate ideas and develop your business in the best way with CarShipIO.

CarShipIO is an easy to use, very affordable Auto Transport Software Platform, providing you with an ERP type solution, where you can find all the benefits your growing car hauler business needs!

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