How To Find New Loads – a Car Hauler Guide to finding work

Are you a car hauler that wants to get as many loads as possible from various load boards? Are you very confused about where to find car carrier loads or where to start in hauling cars?

Believe me or not this is the paradigm the majority truck drivers have when they get a huge PETERBILT TRUCK with 4-10 car hauler trailer and are obsessed with making a lot of money.

Every trucker knows that the more cars you deliver and the more distance you can haul while fully loaded with cars, hauling good paying loads, the more money you can invest back into your in your car hauler owner-operator business.

Let us break down exactly what you can do as an owner-operator or small start-up company in car hauling to find loads to ship cars across U.S. Here is a List of Top 9 Auto Transport Load Boards and Brokers you need to know when starting up as a car carrier.

 Central Dispatch


The first thing you should consider is to check out this online auto transport load board for vehicle transportation. CentralDispatch, is considered the U.S. largest B2B (business to business) car hauler load board for professional car shippers because they connect a lot of dealers, shippers, carrier, brokers at the same time. If you want a VOLUME, go to the carrier section on Central Dispatch and keep your trucks busy!


  Ready Logistics is the auto transport loadboard for carriers that puts an accent on qualified companies who meet insurance and different strict safety requirements. I also assure that you will very rarely leave empty from the amount of loads they make available to the carrier network. Ready Auto Transport with RatLoads is definitely a top notch marketplace for carriers and building relationships in the auto transport industry.


   A top auto transport load board in the business of car carriers is Cars Arrive. Woking with Adesa Auto Auction, when you get with them you will have options with a vast amount of loads. The process is fairly simple, you get an ID, that will allow you take loads from the cell phone and receive automatic dispatch fax and a type of release form.

CarsArrive is a trusted environment for an auto transportation industry, you get paid and secured for your loads.


UShip has a network for carriers and is very transparent with fees and is full of shipments. U Ship offers some tools for your business like app for your mobile, USHIP APP. What is interesting about this network is that you have an opportunity with becoming “Power Carrier” and also they promote some special offers in regards to your day-to-day expenses. Uship has a dozen of filters, such as price, locations and different categories. You will find brokered loads, as well as direct consumers loads, however endless price bidding in the race for bottom dollar, is not what most carriers care for.

United Road Auto

Another one is the United Road is the largest broker with its own fleet of trucks, also has nationwide network and  of over 3,000 car shippers and auto transport load board that offers hundreds of thousands of vehicles to move each month, basically they have other possibilities to find that load that matches your expectations with common email blasts and local specials. UraAutoLoads load board interface is a bit complicated and outdated but volume is there.


One of the top brokers with great selection of decent paying loads from dealers, ports, rail yards and other sources available at MetroLoads

Reindeer Logistics

    Reindeer has a carrier network with some strict professional industry rules such as documentation, communication through the entire shipping process, strick ETAs for timely pickup and delivery, customer service. Reindeer Auto Relocation Network has a system and relationships with thousands of carriers companies. Check the carrier login section on their website and you can hop on the Reindeer Logistics auto transportation load board.


Montway is also one of the largest auto transport brokers with a network of 10,000 car hauling carriers. Shipping prices are upfront and transparent here. Montway is also in the business from 11 years with a lot of success in the industry, true shipping ninjas. They are not known for the best prices but they have a lot of trust from auto carriers.

Always take time and research a bit what you need in terms of your business. This will pay off a lot for long-term.

CarShipIO Marketplace

     Check us out at Car Ship IO is a new generation software with powerful business tools for both auto carrier and auto transport broker businesses.

CarShipIO has a growing Auto Transport Marketplace, a  Digital Auto Transport Load Board with :

  • Fully electronic car hauler loadboard with easy sign up
  • No Hassle of calling every single time to get a load and waiting for a callback.
  • You can request and self dispatch loads from brokers and it is very easy to do.
  • Support and training to understand the load board and overall platform is always provided
  • Quality high paying per mile Loads
  • Quality relationship with different types of parties
  • Fully integrated with a carrier software and driver app
  • Updates and improvements on a weekly basis

Right now, we at CarShipIO have a special offer and opportunity for your growth!

Hop on NOW and get full access to our fast growing load board, get quality loads, make new business connections with professionals from your industry for only $89 for 6 months, one-time payment offer available to next 200 carriers only.

CarShip IO  is always a great place to start out the journey of car hauling, as we bring you our “know hows” to to meet your “how-tos”, greatly improving many outdated processes and of auto transport industry with information, technology and ingenuity is what we are all about.

Thank you very much for having an interest in CarShip IO !

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