3 ways to manage work and dispatch car hauler loads

Managing car hauler loads is the essence of the business. When you have multiple trucks on a road at a time, sometimes it becomes difficult to remember which car is picked up, delivered or on the way. In addition to the cars in transit, it is always important to look for new loads and quote them to make sure the business runs smooth and without stoppages.

“My old way of doing things was on paper, and then at the end of the day all I saw was scribbles and overwritten notes, from “quote” to “picked up”. It was extremely unorganized. With electronic status updates, it makes it so easy to run my car hauler dispatch and to access the entire business with just one click! By clicking one button “quote” I see all of the jobs that need to be quoted and so on. A lot of times I receive a phone call from a customer asking where the car is, and in the “old times” I had to go through all the folders and papers to find the car he is looking for, and then call a driver to find out the status. With this new car hauler software, I can answer the customer within seconds because my drivers update their status with the accuracy of a few minutes and to know exactly where they are, is just 2-second search away. I have a lot of happy customers; everything just became so much faster giving me an ability to expand my business. Thanks” – Happy Customer
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