Intro to the Car Hauler Business

Are you sick and tired of working for someone else?

If YES, then please continue reading as I want you to imagine this:

You sometimes dream of being your own boss, having your company, being in charge of your own truck & trailer. You choose how do you work with, what trips to have and what loads to pick up. Deep down you know it’s time to take this decision as you already have the experience and money to transition to this.

You’ve already decided, you just need to take action to start up already and I know what you’re thinking “But how I am going to do all of this?’’
“How to start a Car Hauling business?’’

The simple truth is hard work and commitment, I really do not advise to take the car hauler business like a joke. But guess what? We still have for some intro steps to start up in the car hauler business:

  • First of all, get I already assumed you have your CDL A license, but if you don’t have to go get it – Learn more here
  • Go Shop for your truck & trailer – check out our blog about some basics of truck & trailer types in the car hauler business – Learn more here
  • Come up with Legal Company Name and/or DBA, you can have both
  • Incorporate, LLC or S-Corp will do
  • Getting your DOT Certificate, MC # & IFTA
  • UCR Registration
  • Complete any other requirements.
  • Buy the Truck & Trailer – within 30 days of application for your operation authority and make sure you get quote insurance on equipment – these 2 tips are extremely important.
  • Wait for Approval by FMCSA
  • Look for a Load board – Check out CarShipIO guide here

And last but not least, to really become top notch car hauler, I highly recommend checking out our CarShipIO system car hauler software, driver app, and load board as we’ve consulted and helped thousands of car haulers with our technology platform.
Car hauling is still business that has expenses, you will need multiple reports to understand how things are going, you will have to send invoices, understand who owes you money and who paid and who is late and much more.

Here’s a big idea – you need to take this seriously and go all in and you will open up the opportunity to make a lot of money.

P.S You can engage and interact in the indeed forum with other car haulers.  

Until next time, Happy car hauling
CarShipIO Team