Why Car Broker Company needs a Quote form on their website?

If you are looking for an easy and integrated solution for capturing a prospect’s interest and quoting your potential customers who are interested in car transportation all over the US, then look no further. Here at CarShipIO, we provide with with great looking and battle tested, quote form, thats is complete plug and play, and can be easily integrated into your website or landing page(s). Here are some main benefits:

Lead Generation

Once your site visitor fills in their details, they will benefit from a free quote provided by you. You will receive an instant email with complete details of their pickup and delivery address , email and phone number as well as car details and desired ship dates, so you can instantly provide them with a great price quote, or discuss further details on the phone. The lead will land into your CarShipIO account in Lead category.

Repeat Business

Having repeat business from the customers is a key. You can also add our provide quote form to your, Customer Portal, where customers can track their order from start to finish, as well pay a deposit, with a quote form added, they will now be able to submit repeat transportation requests. The free-flowing quote form added also means another request can be easily created by customers, making it a seamless transition to +1 order. Customers will love using this easy tool!

Easy To Use

    The simple forms and layouts mean customers only require important fields to be filled in that can be progressively shown to them, increasing the chance of conversion. These include From Address, To Address, Name, Email, Phone Number. Plus, the Year, Make and Model of the vehicle. This allows you as a broker to easily work out the weight, size, and type of vehicle the customer wishes to transport, providing all the necessary information you need to generate a competitive quote for them. Your prospect customers will also have the opportunity to provide details of any special requests, including pickup date or instructions and to go into as much detail as they need to, not only helping you but helping them transport their vehicle easily.

Fast Turnaround

     Our powerful imbedded form will also calculate distance instantly, displaying to the customer, as well as providing all information you need once a customer submits the form, an instant lead email alert is generated and delivered straight to your inbox. A quick turnaround is exactly what your customer is looking for. By capturing all details needed for an accurate price quote, you are guaranteeing a fast response, and no back and worth to collect incomplete or missing information.

Capture your Marketing Campaign Leads

      CarShipIO can be its own lead generation software. If you use Facebook or Google advertisements to promote your website, directing traffic to your unique services that would otherwise be shared across a competitive broker market. Providing an excellent private base of customers and endless lead generation. Our software platform will accurately capture you lead information as well as provide with complete analytics on Sources and Campaigns details of your marketing efforts. Analyzing conversions captured via a form, in a detailed report, will provide you with insight needed to double down on channels that work, and minimize spend on worst performing ones.

Data is 100% Private

       Our software is a direct customer-to-broker service. Meaning no one else will be able to access your leads, or sensitive customer data. Therefore, your clients data is always kept safely for you.

Easy To Install

Adding CarShipIO “magic” to your website can be achieved in under 5 minutes! We send a ready to use, copy and paste snippet, and all the instructions on adding the quotation form. If you have your own developer/”it guy”, even better! Otherwise of course, we are here to help, in case you require any further assistance.

Five automated features that will help you save time

(It’s like having 2 additional employees to work on small manual tasks)

1. Powerful CRM with specific features and functions.

All your important contacts can be stored together in one place and organized according to your needs. This allows you to have complete control and have your customers/mostly used locations easy to find.With CarShipIO CRM you can classify your contacts according to the type of business they are, for example: Customer, Dealer, Exporter, Terminal, Port, Auction, etc.  – Next step you manage the specific details of a specific contact type. You can title/name all your contacts and add them into specific groups, depending on source, communication, priority, etc. Save the general notes, pick-up or delivery instructions so the next time you select the contact it will be the auto-populated.  – Set up a Credit limit for each customer, the system will warn you when the preferred limit is excited. This allows you to build confidence with your customers, it’s like building a credit line outside in a real world.

File import VIN decoder quick Vehicle details lookupWe support importing PDF files from Smart Auction, Gate Pass, Adesa. Since we have been working on adding new sources, you can now import an order using a Copart Lot number and many others are coming soon. All it takes is 3 clicks to create an order with all the information populated automatically. In vehicle details there are two clickable buttons that will allow you to view:

– Picture of the vehicle

– Dimensions and specific details

3. Automated e-mail follow-upsWhen you send a quote, you have a feature called Automated email follow up. What this feature does is according, is to a schedule you set, it will follow up with the customer that you sent a quote to, 3 times, basically reminding them to accept the quote. Within that feature, you are able to choose different templates(simple or HTML) for the purpose of getting this sale. That will save you and your team a lot of time trying to figure out what leads needs to be followed up with.

4. Electronic signature

You don’t need to bother your customers to submit any additional forms or signatures, because it’s already built it in the quote acceptance process. If you have e-sign module enabled, it will generate a PDF file with electronically signed contract attached to the order automatically. This will avoid taking extra steps to acquire the signature with the contract above and all the details about the order. Charge-back is a common issue with broker’s business.

5. Automated dispatchThe way auto-dispatch works is all your carriers are titled/marked as VIP will get a job dispatched to them automatically when they request it. This feature will save you money and make you money at the same time. It’s like having another employee dispatching jobs to carriers. You control the carriers, if they uploaded the insurance, and enable the functionality for the ones you trust.

5 reasons why Brokers need to use software TMS/CRM

1. Keeping track of all your customers and records

Stay organized step by step. No matter where and how many customers a month you get, you need a way to organize them, prioritize them, label them, and find any contact info anytime / all history.  Many new brokers don’t know better. They store their customers in spreadsheets or save customers info in their phone, or even on paper, which creates a really big mess, doubles the work and increases headache. Starting a new business comes with enough headaches as is. To build a house you need tools, same goes for broker business. You’ll need a TMS and CRM systems.

2. Look professional

When it comes to sending a quote to a client, you want it to sell your offer. Imagine yourself as your customer. What kind of email will attract your attention? Right, a nice, maybe HTML template will say “Hey, we are the best in the business and provide honest, reliable services.” When you order an item online, you expect an email confirmation, ability to track step by step, with all the instructions and updates. Why would your customer expect any less? That’s how you stand out for being a professional instead of a beginner.

3. Save time

TMS and CRM system has been developed for one purpose and this purpose is to help you save time, be organized and stay on top of everything. Software companies test their product so it’s actually useful and beneficial for you and your business. Otherwise, these companies would be out of business if they were useless. You have to understand, the software companies working for the purpose of improving their product according to your needs and to keep up with nowadays market. Compare the Google spreadsheets or paper process to the past of using pagers vs using latest iPhone. Do you see the difference? Automation is the best thing that you can bring to your day-to-day tasks. The time you saved using a CRM can be spent building your business.

4. Grow your carrier network

Each time you work with a new carrier, the software will save this company into your carrier’s list. For example, if the same carrier request a load from you, you can auto-dispatch to him, without spending valuable time on searching for a new carrier, waiting for him to send insurance and accept the dispatch, etc. The system will suggest you carriers you previously worked with based on lanes. Working with same carriers and growing your own network is going to improve the quality of services and provide your customers with fast, reliable shipment.


  1. Help your business grow

Growing your business means staying organized, keeping track of leads or customers coming in, replying to any requests such as ETA, payment, etc. Most of customers in 2021 love automation. With CarShipIO your customers are able to monitor their order, pay deposit, receive ETA and more.  These factors will play a part in the growth of your business. Saving time on unnecessary processes will help you focus on bringing new business and new clients. You will achieve the same result much faster and with much less effort vs doing it manually.

7 reasons why 50% of carrier companies may be out of business by the end of their first year

At CarShipIO we interact with thousands of new and existing carriers every month, and we see some not so encouraging trends with newer car hauling companies that unfortunately make the same mistakes of not realizing few key points on time and not starting their new business on the solid foundation right from the begging, as a result as many as 50% of newly created auto transport carriers are going out of the business in the first year, 70% in first 24 months.

Here are some issues New Car Haulers face:


    “With Greater Power, Comes Greater Responsibility”
    When a driver opens a new company, they are new to the business and are trying to find out for themselves what is right. It’s too complicated for the driver to keep things together by themselves. Sometimes they have friends/partners who may help, typically it may be a wife/girlfriend or relative, but they also don’t have experience.
    Even new owner-operators who have years of experience being a driver for other companies, fall short in realizing all the unknowns of being a company owner and not just a driver for yourself.


    Every new company receives thousands of calls from people who are trying to sell them over the phone or email.
    Many get “official-looking” forms with warnings urging new carriers to pay/subscribe to something they are tricked to think they need. Car haulers get scammed and as a result, don’t know who to trust, they shut down and may miss or ignore products or services that will make night and day difference in a day today.
    Refusing dispatcher, while not having great dispatch or communication experience and load planning and billing process, not knowing PVM rate may result in doing a lot of extra work but not getting paid enough. 


    Communication is KEY to a successful operation, but most new car haulers do not realize it for years if they are lucky to stay active that long. Every car hauler signs up with Central Dispatch and realizes that he is wasting too much time on booking loads that he should. Communication is a big-time leak here if they don’t know the rules of the game. Besides calling, texting to book a load, the driver needs to communicate with a broker/shipper about  ETA, status updates, missing or bad information, and payment. Lots of carriers ignore and do not pay proper attention to communication, which reduces the chance of them getting repeat business and some of them may even get a bad rating despite doing hard work, delivering cars on time. You may think it is not fair, but Shippers want to work with professional companies and drivers that are great at communicating, which can save shippers a lot of time, eliminate errors, and in turn allow shippers to provide better quality service to their customers.


    When companies start getting more work, they realize that each broker has its own rules, instructions, and requirements. Managing all of that in Gmail or text messages is a lost battle. They will many times lose time and money because of missed documents or not paying attention to details in instructions. What will you do if a broker calls and asks for a picture of the vehicle that was delivered a month ago, because of a damage claim, or not delivered claim, but you never documented delivery with pictures, or took a pic and sent it to your wife, and she recently upgraded her phone and all the photos are gone. Now you both look unprofessional. What if you’re missing a VIN number or completely ignored brokers’ instructions on pickup, or what needs to be collected at pickup, or how to submit billing, all of this will add up in wasted hours and extra miles, without getting paid extra for it.


    Many new companies choose to not bother with billing, as they do not have a process and that seems overwhelming, plus they are afraid of not getting paid or paid on time. While it is true that a $1 today is worth more than a $1 tomorrow, and it’s easier to get COD payments, when a new carrier chaises just CODs that may not be smart overall.
    When a driver takes just COD loads they typically get paid 5-15% less and will have more dry runs or running with empty spots on the truck longer just to take another COD load. Why? Because it may be hard to find another COD load in the same area/route. Plus, sometimes CODs turn out to be not CODs, but some version of quick pay was not communicated well or changed last minute and the driver needs a way to handle that.
    Going with a Factoring company is an escape for many until they realize that now they have to do more paperwork and communicate yet with another company, that takes 2-10% fee and still does not pay you 100% of your owed money.
    In reality, many drivers do not get full use of 100% of the Cash they collect right away anyway, and just end up driving around with cash before they make a stop at the bank, as most of the bills and payment are not paid in cash anyway, so it’s more of a peace of mind, knowing that you got paid, not something that is more efficient for the business when you consider the use of funds, getting paid less, and having less loads to choose from.


    Proper and detailed vehicle inspection is a key! Car hauler’s job is difficult, the last thing he wants after a hard and stressful week is to see an email from a broker who refuses to pay thousands of dollars owed because of a “damage claim”. If a driver does not have concrete evidence of a condition of the car at the moment of pickup and delivery, chances to get paid or not to get hit with an additional claim, have issues with insurance are slim.
    Paper BOL’s do not cut anymore. Having bad pictures or some or somewhere is a time waste and not enough. Many new car haulers get caught with a first damage claim(s) completely unprepared like a deer in headlights, unfortunately for many, the first big damage claim may be their last. Imagine waiting for $5000 payment for moving 3 BMWs across the country and doing an amazing job just to get hit with a FALSE Damage Claim, by a shady broker plus a Claim on your insurance, running a risk of being dropped or rates increase, all while needing money to pay for the truck, trailer or other operational expenses, things can snowball really fast.


    About 50% of the drivers find themselves not knowing who owes them money, will waste time trying to dig up information somewhere in their Gmail, between an email from uncle Joe and Viagra Spam email, or send it in the wrong format to the wrong place, just wait another week or more, trying to not forget about the payment being owed, not knowing how late it is, all while not realizing they did not send a proper invoice to the proper email in the first place or did not follow simple clear broker’s instruction of uploading a BOL or using an app to complete a translation. Weekends that were planned to be for resting or spending time with loved ones are quickly turned into spending hours figuring things out and coming to that “WHERE THE HELL IS MY MONEY” moment. Many new carriers, not following instructions, would call the wrong number for payment multiple times and leave angry voicemails, send an invoice to the wrong email, as a result, they are paid later than they should have been or even not getting paid because they forgot about this load.
    Many new carriers will give up trying to get paid on some loads. We see up to 20% of loads not getting paid at all for some carriers and 50%+ of them are getting paid 10+ days later than they suppose to, while most of this can be avoided. Trying to stay organized with expenses, keeping all receipts trying to figure out why things are not so great is a whole new topic, many simply do not bother and reply with something like “ I have a lady doing that”.

    9 out of 10 new carriers we interviewed would have no clue what it COSTS them per mile to run their business. 

How to Grow your Auto Transport business – ERP for Car Haulers

 In our time technology is everywhere. Technology is a game changer and time and money saver, and we are talking about car hauling technology here. Yes, big words from the beginning, but it will make sense later, so let’s review it step by step.

For an Auto Transport Carrier, technology means an opportunity. Why? Being Carrier you got to have a total control of your business. Sure, you need to have a good experienced driver(s), who are good loading and taking care of cars. If you are growing company you will most likely have to hire few dispatchers, and there will be a ton of paperwork. That’s why an ERP is got to be your long-term “friend”.

Let us introduce you,  an ERP – enterprise resource planning. Planning sounds already good, isn’t it? Planning is your first tool to make time work for you. ERP is a complete enterprise resource solution, one place where you can manage everything you need and do it fast. It is a software as a service (SAAS) platform for your business. Saas ERP system – is a sort of enterprise resource solution that can take care of everything for you across the board on a subscription basis. Whether you are a small company or a veteran in this game or you’re just starting out, believe us, ERP type system can increase your results and make your life a lot easier. It is a true beauty for the carrier to be on a side of automation and technology that helps the business scale, saving time and making money. Finding powerful yet easy to use, and most importantly an affordable ERP solution is a key.

   Would you, as an auto transport industry professional, be interested if someone were to approach you to say “for a small monthly fee, we can have all of your stuff taking care of for you”?  We would offer you a tool that will help you manage your dispatches, find your cars. You can dispatch loads electronically to your drivers, you can send BOL and Invoice through it, you can keep track of your accounting,  payroll you owe drivers.
You can keep track of your maintenance records, you can see how much each truck is costing you, who owes you money and how much, you can do invoicing and keep track of payments, you can keep track of all of your expenses,  etc. “You can” is keywords here because you truly can do everything to make your business productive and invest time profitably.  Sounds Powerful right?

On a dispatch side, it’s possible to do a lot to increase productivity. You can have only one dispatcher with the advent of new technology and she will be able to make everything by herself without you needing to hire one more person because the amount of work has increased. Hmmm, sounds like a money saving, right? Money Savings that can help your business scale faster.

One dispatcher will make everything using a computer only: create loads, arrange trips, send needed documents. In 80-90% of cases even without calling somebody. You know why? Because everything is electronic and everything is right now! Your customer will receive a notification every time status of the load changes, a car is delivered or picked up or an ETA is updated. This will improve your trust and relationships with customers.  Need to find a load that was done a year ago? You think it’s hard? Not at all!   Using right filters you can find a load by entering just a few characters.

Say goodbye to a ton of paperwork, say hello to being better organized and total control.

In the end, you can just check all the reports and statistics that we prepared for you. Manage finances, find a way to make it better, analyze your business metrics and plan ahead, generate ideas and develop your business in the best way with CarShipIO.

CarShipIO is an easy to use, very affordable Auto Transport Software Platform, providing you with an ERP type solution, where you can find all the benefits your growing car hauler business needs!

Sign-UP here, use it and get that benefit.

How to Ship a Car?

Hi there!

We just wanted to share a quick guide on how to ship a car!

When you are deciding to ship your own car or a specific car you should, first of all, organize the following things:

  • Pickup Location – you need to know the specific address, state, postal code either as a company or consumer what is the starting location where that car is going to be picked-up – for the auto transport company
  • Delivery Location – you need to know the specific address, state, postal code for the final destination which is critical for the auto transport company
  • Year of the vehicle –  it’s the production year of the vehicle which is important for the driver of the auto transport company to determine the quote
  • Make of the vehicle – is it a Mercedes Benz, BMW or any other make? Again important for the driver of the car hauling company to determine the quote
  • Model of the vehicle – knowing the model will also be helpful to determine the quote for the auto transport company
  • Time of delivery – you need to have in mind an estimated time of delivery for your vehicle so the auto transport company knows how much time they need to take into consideration
  • Budget – how many $ are you willing to spend to take your car from pickup to delivery location

You will either contact auto transport brokers that will:

  • Find you car haulers for a specific amount of upfront fee before the car was delivered + additional fee after the load(car) was delivered)
  • Find you a car hauler for a specific fee after the load (car) is delivered


Search for auto transport broker on different websites like:

  • Google – type in auto transport brokers + specific state you’re in
  • Yahoo – type in auto transport brokers + specific state you’re in
  • Transport Reviews – search for shippers or auto transport brokers and read carefully the quality of the reviews

Either go right away to the car hauler company or auto transport company by searching again on channels like.

  • Google – search for auto transport company + specific state or specific state + car shippers
  • Yahoo search for auto transport company + specific state specific state + car shippers
  • Transport Reviews – be very picky about the quality of reviews by reading the levels of satisfaction of different customers or consumers
  • Check their insurance certificate and safety record information on USDOT
  • Check their facebook page or social media for more insights

And remember you always have an alternative to just put that information of your car here.

CarShipIO Ship

Until next time,

CarShipIO team



Auto Transport Dispatcher – Save Time and Money Guide


How to save time and money as an auto transport dispatcher? This specific post is related to a ton of auto transport dispatcher out there that want to improve their daily operations by focusing on these key indicators:

  • Time
  • Organization
  • The Process of Load Management
  • The Process of Trip Management
  • Documentation if necessary – BOL, Invoicing, Inspection Review, Contracts, reports

First of all the most important asset in the every single business out there is managing your time – and if you’re not owning time as a dispatcher, and time is owning you – then the truth is that work is going to overwhelming and stomp you on daily basis.

Mastering this core asset will help you focus on:

  • Actually staying connected with your customers and drivers
  • Spending more time to find quality of work you have for the company/companies you’re working for
  • Having more time will open up business opportunities that you’re ignoring because of your stomped scheduled

An auto transport dispatcher is going to work on daily basis with different loads big brokers out there, big load boards to find loads for the drivers.

They always need to get that dispatch sheet from 10+load boards in different formats and manage them all together – the amount of paperwork gathered is insane and not organized in the proper way. That’s where a load of time is wasted. Manually checking in the load boards, requesting the dispatch sheet via the email/load board, going back to save, going into your email to send it to the drivers,  checking with the driver if he received it, calling him 3+ times, then checking if he got the correct load number, pickup and delivery information.

Sending the BOL, and invoices is another one – an auto transport dispatcher can send typically other 20+ of those a week.

That’s actually near thousands of transport documents in a year – think about how much time you need to spend on to perfect and check that paperwork every single time.

What if someone told you can save all that time for your right away and you can actually focus on bring more loads to the drivers – as that is what you’re getting paid for?

Would you consider it as an auto transport dispatcher? I bet yes!

So if you want to change it, here’s a framework that you can use that we developed in our system CarShipIO for auto transport dispatchers:

  • Imagine yourself uploading all dispatch sheets in one single place from all the loadboards out there, and big brokers ( there are more than 20+ out there in the auto transport industry).
  • Dispatching it right away with just creating a organized trip for all your drivers, will loads, vehicles, miles, addresses, customer information, ability to edit the load, add more loads, delete the loads.
  • Everything is integrated with a driver app on the driver end, and he sees all that info without any information slippage. They have the ability to do everything they need, inspection, electronic bill of lading, change status of loads so the auto transport dispatcher and customer sees it, add vehicles to a load, automatically scan vin code, add expenses.

The real benefit is saving your time, your driver time, your company times, your customer time, and the receive time with everything being organized around the concept of  load, trip, driver.

We highly recommend to try it out as we believe time is going to be single biggest asset out there for you – read more info here

By our average calculations saving 5K $ by using the system on yearly basis is very welcome for your business.

Sign-UP here, use it and get that benefit.

Electrified Hydrogen Trucks for Owner Operators


In December 2016 the beginning of the fun times of the auto transport industry, the Startup Nikola unveiled its hydrogen-electric truck in a very inspirational way which gives more positive insights into the entire auto transport industry.

The shift of the auto transport industry is going disrupted massively with this new technology and infrastructure implemented, so please don’t miss the opportunity to learn more here.

First and foremost, this a detailed blog post with some sneak peaks into some trucks.

So let’s start off by mentioning that 2 auto transport products are going to be released specifically one off road UTV truck which has been named Nikola Zero and the Electrified-Hydrogen Truck Nikola One, Nikola Two.


The battery pack has an amazing density energy with their innovation and technology which 2 packages from 72kW (200miles) and 107kW(300miles) and guess what? The vehicle is completely silent.

Agreement Ryder Systems Inc

Ryder Systems Inc are going to be servicing, warranting, selling and helping Nikola in 800 locations all across US, Canada and Mexico. Thanks to that agreement they already have pre-ordered approximately 4 billion $.

Fill-in of the trucks

The answer for fill-in of the trucks is building the infrastructure by Nikola, so their solution is integration & control of  production, transport, distribution, storage, selling, prices.

On site conversion through hydrolysis from solar energy, with on site storage. The next step will be transporting the hydrogen from the onsite to the station.

The initial plan is to build 364 hydrogen stations with constructions beginning in 2018, stations being already opened 2019.

How are they going to build the trucks?

They have an investor – Fitzgerald, actually, an immediate assembly line – not a massive facility but they tested the building of the truck now.

And then after trying to build the entire 5000 trucks from Fitzgerald, Nikola has  an investment plan of building an manufacturing plant (still there is no info where is the location – going to be announced at the end 0f 2017)

Nikola Two – the electrified hydrogen truck they are building has 100% zero emissions and a 1200 mile range with hydrogen powered.

Software & Loadboard – Nikola Shipments

It’s going to be a solution for freight broker to basically upload all the freight in that platform so they do business with carriers all across US.

The best part about the software from the driver perspective is everyone gets access to it for FREE in the truck.

So the interior of the truck is so amazing that it has a massive 21 inches screen so the drivers have the ability to pick any load he has on the load board of Nikola Shipments and doesn’t need to worry about the dispatching.

The system is integrated with all the service centers, hydrogen stations, and available shipments right away from the dashboard screen from the truck and the CEO mentioned that this will allow owner-operators to increase their income by even 50%.

So that’s a quick overview of what we’ve learned about the new auto transport products that owner-operators are dreaming about.

Every owner-operator should watch the previews on youtube right now.

The Auto Transport industry is still just starting up with technology – technology is still young in this world, so owner-operators, drivers, dispatchers, brokers never ever give up!

Until next time.

Happy Hauling,

CarShipIO Team



ELD – News

Car haulers, this subject already sounds pretty familiar to every motor car carrier that’s thinking long term in the industry.

Here are some insights you need to know directly from FMCSA about the ELD rule:

ELD is used by commercial drivers with the requirement to prepare:

  1. HOS  – Hours of service
  2. RODS – Records of duty status

ELD will need to also be certified and registered with FMCSA, along with having supporting documents for drivers/car carriers required to keep in the truck.

So, beginning on December 18, 2017, a driver using an ELD must have an ELD information packet onboard the commercial motor vehicle (CMV).

Speaking about it, an ELD can be on a smartphone or other wireless device if the device meets the ELD rule’s technical specifications.

Data Storage:

For six months, a motor carrier must keep both the ELD Records of

  • hours services data
  • a back-up copy of that data on a separate device

The car carrier must ensure that these records are stored securely to protect driver privacy.

An ELD automatically records the following data elements at certain intervals:

  • date
  • time
  • location information
  • engine hours
  • vehicle miles
  • identification information for the driver
  • authenticated user
  • vehicle
  • motor carrier

Location data must be recorded by an ELD at 60-minute intervals when the vehicle is in motion, driver powers up and shuts down the engine, change duty status, and indicates personal use or yard moves.

Also, keep in mind that an ELD must automatically switch to driving mode once the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) is moving up to a set speed threshold of five miles per hour. As a result, the in-motion state must not be configured greater than five miles per hour. The vehicle will be considered stopped once its speed falls to zero miles per hour and stays at zero miles per hour for three consecutive seconds.

Guess what else?

The ELD must convert automatically captured vehicle position in latitude/longitude coordinates into geo-location information that indicates the approximate distance and direction to an identifiable location corresponding to the name of a nearby city, town, or village, with a State abbreviation.

Engine synchronization CMV – ELD

An ELD must be integrally synchronized with the engine of the commercial motor vehicle (CMV). Engine synchronization means monitoring engine operation to automatically capture the engine power status, vehicle motion status, miles driven, and engine hour

Vehicle performance? Not really.

Yes, the ELD rule allows but does not require, warning or notification to drivers when they are nearing their HOS limits.

Data export from ELD

Since all ELD data file output will be a standard comma-delimited file, a driver may import the data output file into Microsoft Excel, Word notepad, or other common tools. A driver will also be able to access ELD records through a screen display or a printout, depending on the ELD design.

Bluetooth Feature

If the driver is using a “local” ELD with Bluetooth capabilities, the authorized safety official will activate Bluetooth on his or her computing device and the driver will initiate the Bluetooth electronic transfer of the data from the driver’s ELD to the safety official’s computing device.

The official will provide a Bluetooth pairing code for the driver to enter into the ELD for the data file transfer.

Here’s a cool list you can review – ELD’s Compliant List

The plug-in device to your truck’s ECM communicates the relevant data to software on your smartphone — the software enables the log to work, likewise electronic pre-trip/post trip inspection reports.

The ECM plug-in communicates with your smartphone, as with many others, over Bluetooth, and guiding smartphone apps are currently available on both iOS and Android platforms. Administration of the data is done through a web-based software program users create a unique account.

Most ELDs pair an engine-connected relay with another device, often an operator’s smartphone or tablet, hence the common BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) designation.

For such devices, some contain a cellular connection within the engine-connected relay, some don’t.

For those that don’t, generally, extra costs incurred for data-plan charges on a smartphone are not reflected here.

Just a quick overview for car haulers:

We’re covering just new industry information so that every single car hauler out there can read it and get a general idea – for full in depth explanation of specific cases feel free to visit FMCSA for sure.


Happy car hauling 

CarShipIO Team 

Until next time


Ford 2018 Expedition News

Just wanted to share with car haulers that CarShipIO team is passionate about the auto transport community as much as new beautiful cars releases.

So just a quick overview we have some news for car haulers and vehicle enthusiasts about the Ford Expedition 2018.

If you’re a car hauler this is going to be a very fun ride to transport.

Driving a Ford Expedition is a like pick-truck experience in itself.

See the MAX edition on Ford, that’s clearly like a luxury pickup truck.

“he new 2018 Expedition MAX is for people who want to go bigger and have more to carry on their way. That’s why we’ve added extra room in all the right places. At nearly a foot longer than the Expedition, the Expedition MAX can accommodate an additional 16.9 cubic. ft. of cargo for your next adventure. There’s, even more, head room in the last row. So everyone can feel like they’re living large.”

Let’s give Ford great credit for specifically building  an extremely refined car with:

  • Ton of towing capacity
  • Ton of space
  • Ton of fancy technology and smart innovation
  • More power
  • More fuel efficiency

Here’s how this is going to look at the auction/dealership/ or your next pick-up location:


The pricing on truecar.com starts with a market average of $ 57k which is nice for 2017 one.

The 2018 Ford Expedition will house a 3.5-liter V6 engine, a 10-speed transmission, 300 pounds lighter and it will in the $ 60k from other auto transport news sources we researched.

The Expedition’s Limited, XL, and XLT variants will have 375 horsepower at 5,000 rpm, whereas the 2017 models got 365 horsepower.

Ford also revealed that it would offer an off-road package for the XLT trim of the 2018 Expedition after customers consistently demanded the same.

The off-road variant will get the same 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque as the standard XLT trim of the 2018 Ford Expedition.

Obviously part of the big story is the interior as well, it’s all brand new luxurious with a unique set of beautiful knobs, medium sized screen and actually, a tech look interior with a ton of buttons to play around.

If you have the chance to car haul this 2018 Expedition check it out.

Make sure to enjoy before loading the car to enjoy this beautiful Ford interior.

That’s it with some quick news on this new monster!

Let us know when you’ll haul this new vehicle after the fall when they actually start selling and getting shipped 🙂

CarShipIO team

Happy car hauling